What color is your day?

Every day at school, GISers 1-3 are eager to strive for a color that reflects their best efforts: Purple. This “magic strip” has become the motivation for students to rise up day by day.

Special record

Clip chart is a daily activity recorded in grades 1to 3. The chart consists of 6 colors equivalent to 6 ranking levels: Purple – Role Model; Blue – Great job; Green – Ready to learn; Gold – Reminders; Orange – Need better choices and reflect; Red – Principal and Parent contact. Students “start” with the green card (Ready for Learning) when they go to school every morning.

Based on the attitude of learning in class, students will receive different colors. At the end of each day, students will color in their student planners according to the teacher’s comments. In the evening, parents will check and sign, then students will bring the planners to school the next morning and submit to their teachers.

The teachers are flexible to give color to each student based on many factors. For example, in Grade 1 Singapore, the color palette will be calculated according to individual and group achievements to encourage teamwork spirit and ability of GISers.

Journey to grow up every day

In order to receive good reviews from teachers, every GISer tries their best in both learning and attitude. Pham Bao Chau, a third-grader of Nairobi, who had many times won the student of the month, excitedly said: “I received purple every day during the first month this school year and I am very happy about it. I often raise my arm to answer questions and do my best in class. ”

For GISers, this is not only a record, a special gift from the teacher for the efforts they make every day but also a motivation for them to strive to become students of the month.

Ngày của con màu gì?

“Every student in the class is trying to improve their color. The students are very excited and proud every time their color is improved. The students are very happy to share with their parents and teachers about receiving a purple. Achieving a purple is the motivation for students to go to school, they love purple very much. ”- Ms. Vu Thi Ha – Teacher of Grade 1 Chiangmai joyfully sharing.

Based on the clip chart, at the end of the month, the teacher will summarize the times students receiving purple. This is also one of the factors that determine whether the student is selected the student of the month. However, the greatest significance for GISers is not only in being recognized but also in the journey of improving themselves day by day, of growing up in both learning attitude and ability.

Ms. Ha added: “For students who have not received purple, they admire their friends and also share with their teacher that they will strive to achieve purple. Teachers will observe the students in order to encourage and record in time with the clip chart. The teachers are very proud of students receiving purple and often encourage them to continue striving for purple. ”

When a student is promoted to purple or blue, he/she will stand in front of the class to increase their color and receive appreciation from classmates. For students who lose good color, the whole class will encourage them to get the color again. Therefore, whether the color is good, the children are respected, encouraged and to improve each day.

Ngày của con màu gì?

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang – HR teacher of grade 1 Singapore shared: “In addition to the clip chart, I also reward purple cards for those who achieve purple and the students can use purple cards to exchange for special small gifts (being in the front of the line, being able to choose a duty in the class, sitting next to the teacher in lunchtime, …). “

“I find my son very interested and excited about the clip chart. He talks about the colors he achieved every day, especially purple. It is a motivation for him to go to school every day, encourage him to achieve the best results. For me, I can check his study planner to know how his school day is and encourage him in time. ”- Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Hanh, mother of Ngo Tri Duc from grade 2 London.

Accordingly, the clip chart reflects not only students’ academic results but also their attitudes at school. Therefore, parents should regularly check the color that your children receive to give them encouragement. Hopefully, in the new school year, the students will make more efforts to give themselves the best colors.

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