GIS BOOK HUNTERS Ep3 Cuộc phiêu lưu của quả lê khổng lồ

Things that come from the heart, will reach the heart …
🍄The lesson of listening and sharing, the lesson of kindness instead of using force and punishment, the lesson of teamwork and the love of discovery. There are so many lessons to be found in this story that like Ms Huong said: “The journey of the giant pear may close in the book, but the adventure it evokes in the minds of readers only starts.”
🐘Let’s find this mysterious and interesting book to read in the near future. Do not forget the 3 gifts are 3 books “Adventure of the giant pear” and the lovely Bookmark of GIS BOOK HUNTERS is still waiting for the lucky owner who likes + share this post to personal page in public mode with hashtag: #GISBOOKHUNTERS #Cuộcphiêulưucủaquảlêkhổnglồ #Giveaway

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