Overcoming the crisis in love

Over-loving and over-coddling can make children become stubborn.  And parents are always awkward and sometimes very tired about it. What should you do in that situation? Let’s take a look at these tips!

Allow your children to cry “comfortably”

The first action of almost every parents when seeing your children cry is coaxing or scolding them. But do you know that the more you try to force them to stop crying, the more resentful they will feel? More seriously, these negative emotions can easier transfer into negative actions. That is why you should give them a chance to express their negative emotion and gradually teach them to control feeling instead of shouting at them.

Talk to your child as a friend

The more you shout at the kids, the more obstinate they will become. When children get mad, the best thing that parents can do is patiently listening to their expression and give them explanations as well as advice. This will help you to understand more about children “argument”, then you can deal with everything in peace.

Don’t just say “No”

The statements such as “you are not allowed, don’t, never…” can’t make your children obey you. Moreover, it is the main reason for their psychological resistance.  So instead of saying NO, let ask your child’s wishes, put him or her in real-life situations so that he or she recognizes the consequences and is more likely to accept your resolution.

For example:  “If you drink cold water, your throat is swollen, will you have any discomfort? If your friends come to play and take your bike without your permission, how do you feel?

Wish your parents and children to go through the storm easily!

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