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With the quality and improving curriculum, Gateway is committed to bringing world-class education to all generations of students who are global citizens of the 21st century. With this vision, We are committed to providing the community with a comprehensive education quality that builds a safe learning environment and ensures the best conditions for students to maximize their abilities.

With the vision and long-term development strategy, Gateway education system brings together elite teaching staff who share the aspirations of Vietnam’s education reform. Gateway continues to seek and always create opportunities for talented teachers to build and develop a long-term career in an international standard environment.

Gateway is committed to give potential candidates the opportunity to increase their income through attractive compensation policies and competitive compensation packages. But above all, at Gateway teachers can find a modern educational environment to maximize creativity, diversity, facilitate the application of the latest teaching methods and opportunities to create different values ​​for themselves and for the cause of education. In addition, with a teacher training program led by academic directors and leading education experts, potential teachers at Gateway will be increasingly cultivated expertise; self-development and a sustainable, long-term career, contributing to the formation of many generations of preschoolers for the country.

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Compensation policy is competitive with the market, ensuring good income for employees


Performance based reward and contribution to the development of GIS reward policy


GIS provides nutritious and food safety and hygiene lunches for all employees


Full insurance under the Labor Code. Additional health insurance for senior positions


The professional training program is organized continuously and effectively


Every year, the holiday is organized as a reward for staff and management