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Head of School

Ms. Marietjie Taljaard

Dear Parents!

As the Head of school of Gateway International School, Haiphong, it is my pleasure to welcome all new and returning families to our Gateway school community. We strive to provide quality international schooling as it offers the American – and MOET curriculum with a holistic approach to learning.

The holistic nature of the curriculum allows for the development of the student’s social, emotional and academic learning, with emphasis on the students attributes and attitudes that grow our students to be self motivated, self disciplined global citizens with a love of learning. It is the purpose of education to include a broad spectrum of experiences, so that the child may fulfil their desire to explore and learn lifelong. Several basic principles underline our educational philosophy. Firstly, to be aware that each child is unique. Secondly, there is individual potential in all children and excellence in every child. Thirdly, children are skilled in how to think critically and logically about the world around them in order to make informed and accurate decisions about their education. Finally, the social and emotional climate of the classroom should be such that each child’s contribution is valued, each child takes responsibility for the community by respecting people and property and each child takes personal responsibility for certain aspects of the organization of his / her work and interests.

We seek a strong relationship with families based on trust and open mindedness. We believe in the value of communication and as such have established many ways for parents to keep in touch with their child’s learning and how they are achieving. As Principal, it is important to me that everyone who steps through our doors; staff, students, and parents is excited to be here with high expectations! This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun and nurturing environment.

Yours in education,
Ms. Marietjie Taljaard
Head of School

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Mrs. Tran Thi Thu Huong Mother of student: Nguyen Bao Chau

I send my child to Gateway because I want her to study in the international environment, as a stepping stone to study abroad, she will not be like a fish out of water and quickly adapt. I am quite satisfied with the subjects of the school, especially Literature - Vietnamese. When learning literature, children have chance to be expose to the project, writing essays and grouping together to study and make their own presentations. Besides, they also go for the picnic with outdoor activities, from the real activities they will better understand the content of the lessons in class and memorize so long. With self-learning, self-doing they will gradually absorb knowledge in a natural way. That is very different from other schools in which teachers read, students write and learn by heart at home, often children do not feel the work and can’t remember for long time

Mrs. Phi Thi Thu Huong Mother of students: To Hien Thanh & To Nhat San

The first time attended the workshop "Self-study" of grade 4 students, I feel really surprised and excited with the presentation for the products of students.
It’s just the report on literature but including a variety of presentations, scripts and arrangement, students even write their own poems and stories. They confidently present their and friends’ points of views by questioning very naturally, straightforward, even focuses in many aspects. The best part is probably the acting, because it requires teamwork, working together more, self-writing, rehearsing and preparing instruments

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