Positive educational innovation, aiming at training dynamic, creative, knowledgeable about academic and and society teaching staff-it’s the reason why Orientation Week 2018 at Gateway International School organized.

In the morning of July 30th, Orientation Week 2018 of Gateway International School officially takes place. The event brings together all the teachers in the whole system to participate. Throughout the event, with sincere exchanges from the founding team and teaching staff, Orientation Week 2018 opened up the exciting discussion space on the vision and mission of the school for the period 2018-2025. and action plans to prepare for a new effective school year.

Teachers from many Gateway campuses have been in Hanoi for the Orientation Week Orientation Week 2018

During the Orientation Week 2018, teachers of the whole Gateway system will participate in professional and skills training activities such as school culture, global education, teamwork skills, age psychology, positive discipline

Ms. Tran Thi Huyen – Vice General Director of Gateway Network directly led the first orientation day of the Orientation Week 2018

Directly mention the strategic vision of Gateway, Ms Tran Thi Huyen – Vice General Director emphasizes : “Gateway desires to bring world-class education to all students generations, the global citizens of 21st century ,”.With this vision, we commit to provide the community with a sustainable, inspirational, innovative, educational environment based on personalization and nurturing lifelong learning passion .

International teachers contribute their points of view on the vision and mission of the school

Within the frame of the Orientation Week 2018 discussion, teachers have worked together to build Gateway’s development orientation in the future for the years 2018-2025 – one of the strategic development phases, bringing Gateway to the next level of world-class education vision. Gateway system will not only increase the number of students nationwide, but will also significantly improve the facilities, conditions and quality of education.

The multicultural environment in the school will be actively developed and expanded. This gives Vietnamese and foreign teachers the opportunity to exchange experiences about academic,culture and learn more about each other. And that is also the bridge to cross, develop Vietnamese education on the basis of distill quintessence of international education.

Mr. Don Williams – Superintendent of Gateway School system shares the multicultural education environment.

Building a secure educational environment, promoting people’s creativity in the digital age is Gateway’s future direction. Teachers and students will be given maximum facilitation to express themselves, give personal constructive ideas, and ensure the full development of all aspects of Literature-Physical-Art  for students. Technological foundation will also be strongly applied in teaching.

Discussion provides solution groups, Gateway development orientation

In addition to the teaching activities, Gateway will also focus on out-of-school community activities. Gateway actively develops community-based programs that connect parents to schools to realize education mission, brings the best education for many generations of Vietnamese students.

The Orientation Week 2018, which lasts from July 30th to August 10th , promises to bring exciting, useful and interesting training to teachers.

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