Art Development

Along with the development of academic program, Art development program is also a strategic focus in the kindergarten education program that GATEWAY is striving for.

The art program at GATEWAY with the performing ways such as drama, choral singing, playing musical instruments, painting, etc in the subjects of Fine Arts, Music Theater, Literature, Visual Arts, etc

                Grade 4 students of GATEWAY act in a play at summation workshop of the project “Self-learning”

Arts help students:

  • Know how to feel, love, express and balance emotions.
  • Expand, renew and strengthen leadership skills.
  • Improve and develop positive relationships in life
  • Develop problem solving skills.
  • Discover and overcome one’s limitations.
  • Creativity and Innovation – an important, indispensable element of future leaders.


                       GATEWAY students confidently perform on the stage of charity donation Winter Concert

Besides classroom lessons, GATEWAY students are also regularly involved in organizing annual art activities of the school such as painting exhibition, Christmas concert, etc. Through these events, students have opportunity to show talents, artistic trends as well as to gain self-confidence, promote their own organization and leadership abilities.

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