Instead of forbidding children from watching TV at night and forcing them to study, mothers can follow these 3 mottos, and you may see that could be surprisingly effective!

During the young age, children are very cute, white, naive and mischievous. When they grow up a little bit at school age, their behavior changes: they prefer playing games and always want to avoid sitting at the table for studying. My son is the same, I myself had a hard time getting seriously stressed because he was not interested in learning. I tried many ways: new tables, new books, buying him both gifts and rewards but he did not care about anything. And everything I received was just his crying and begging me to “let him free”.


Một lần, tôi đến nhà chị bạn chơi, cốt để xem cách chị dạy con học bài thế nào mà các cháu chăm đến thế, lại rất hứng thú với chuyện học hành. Nhưng sự thật là chị không hề dạy, chị có cách của riêng chị.

One time, I went to my sister’s house to see how she made your children so interested in the study and hard- working. But the truth was she did not teach, she had her own way.

You don’t study, why your children have to?

Every day I have more than 10 hours working at my company, then back home and cook dinner, feed the children, clean the house. And that is enough to make me super tired. On weekends, I clean the house, take my kids outside and go shopping for next week. Since I have my kids, I haven’t finished reading any book.

In the first years of life, children spend most of their time with parents. Children are very good imitation, they learn everything you talk and behave. So if I don’t read a book or learn anything new, how can my kids naturally love studying?

My friend’s teaching method is: when her daughter couldn’t read, she read for her every night. Early in the morning, she woke her up to sing and do exercise. When her daughter grows up a little bit, she made a deal that “you have to support me to finish everything before 10 p.m because I need to study”. Sometimes she learned knit wool, sometimes make cookies or speak French…. She always shows her daughter that she loves studying, and she loves everything she studies.  Gradually, her daughter is caught up with mothers and automatically find new things to learn without being forced.

Never set limitation with your kids.

I always want my children to be as good at math, English, dancing, and singing as their friends. My friend is opposite: everything is ok if her daughter like and be good. She can be not very good at math, but she is the best at handicraft. It is ok if she loves art and pays no attention to physical exercise. With her, that’s enough.

If I force my kids to focus on some subjects, I accidentally diminish his future, don’t I? It doesn’t matter if I urge him to study but don’t know if he like it or not. Your children’s limitation is set by the parent themselves. I don’t want my love to become so pressure!

Allow your children to make mistakes

The kids are very stubborn and naughty. They think in every possible way to go against your advice. I told him to be careful with the sharp knife, he would surely try using it. I reminded him of the cold weather, certainly, he took off his shirt.

At first, I was very mad because of that. I usually think if he grows up and his girlfriend, how can I make him obey me? If he doesn’t listen to me, I will not talk anymore.

I let him cut his arm with the knife, let him be cold, let him be fall, let him be punished because chatting in class. After that, I will sit talking to him, make him understand that it is his mistakes and he has to take full responsibility for it. From then on, he stops crying and blames others for his faults.

No matter what is this (academic or life skill learning), mothers just need to remember these 3 rules and your kids will be love learning naturally!

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