Training Route

Gateway applies a comprehensive curriculum including innovative Vietnam program and subjects of the US education program which is taught in English language  such as :  English, Mathematics, Science , Information Technology, STEAM, Music, Drama, Reading,etc.

We pursue the goal of personalizing each student’s learning which is based on personal ability to bring confidence in English communication, help students consolidate, expand their vocabulary, basic grammar to use English in a natural, flexible way like native speakers.

Training Route


The annual English speaking proficiency assessment is conducted by using the Iowa tests ( the copyright of Iowa university, USA) right from the elementary level, to reference the level of Gateway students with students of the same age in USA.
By the end of the 8th grade of the bilingual program, students and families can choose to continue their studies with the BILINGUAL PROGRAM or transfer to the INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM with the following learning process:

• After graduating from High school with the bilingual program, students will have a minimum English ability equivalent of 6.5 IELTS or 93 TOEFL iBT which is enough to study abroad, join internationally or study in Vietnamese University / International University in Vietnam.

• Students who follow international study program ( US school program or International IB-DP Baccalaureate Diploma) will be supported with the orientation and counseling to study abroad right from grade 9 and attend the standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT, ACT. Students will be equiped with all skills to succeed in the international environment and become global citizens in the future.

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