The independent sense of the child is also growing stronger when they are growing up. In many cases, your children can have their own feeling which is different from you. And if your child reacts to you, try following the steps below:

1. Be patient

When the child reacts violently, parents must really calm to be able to talk with them. Actually, your child can “feel” your “teaching speech” before you really do and very worried. As you are parents, you have to try your best to keep everything in peace.  Because the more you shout, the worse situation will become.

2. Identify the reasons

Parents should carefully find out why your children react to you?  Once the reasons are clear, the problem can easily be solved.

3. Show them your limitation

Sometimes, your “obedient and lovely” sweetheart can suddenly become angry:  “Can you stop talking?”.
Actually, what they want to say is just:  “You’ve talked about it many times!”
So you need to tell them:  “Maybe you are not happy with my requirement. However, you can’t shout at your parent.”

4. Take clever punishment

The clever punishment is not to be terrified of the child, but to make them understand that you are really serious.

As a mom or dad, it is your responsibility to explain to your children which action is right or wrong.  In addition, you must let them know that, if they do the wrong thing and say the wrong words, they will be punished.

5. Timely Encouragement

A compliment will make your children realize that they have made good changes in your eyes.

When children respect other people, parents must not forget to give them a praise. That is enough for them to feel extremely excited and joyful. At the same time, it is also an evidence to prove that you do not only look at their bad points but also look at their good points.

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