Student admission procedures

New schoolyear

Entry Registration

1. Entry registration

2. Payment for entry registration and application fees

Entry assessment

Participate in the assessment based on the school’s schedule with the following contents:

– Grade 1: Experience soft skills, Mathematical logic thinking, Vietnamese, English

– Grade 2 – Grade 8:

Mental power test (interview, writing): Literature – Vietnamese, English, Math. The school inform the entry assessment results after a maximum of 10 working days.

Complete the enrollment application documents and tuition fees

Application documents include:

– School forms:

1. Enrollment application form.
2. Enrollment documents.
3. Health information.
4. Promotion decision (if any).
5. Certificate of admission (for students entering grade 2 to grade 8).
6. Registration for service (meals, bus, learning materials)

– Documents prepared by parents.
7. Notarized birth certificate.
8. Household Registration Book.
9. Photo 4 x 6 (4 photos).
10.School report and academic transcript (For students enrolled in grade 2 to grade 8).
11. Recommendation letter for school transfer (for students entering grade 2 to grade 8)

Official enrollment

Note : Only students who complete a full and valid student documents of at least 10 days in advance and officially enroll, make tuition payment according to the fee receipt are eligible for enrollment.

Fees & Scholarships

Parents who are interested in Gateway International School and its curriculum during the school year 2019 - 2020 can refer more information and register to visit the school.

In order to encourage students who make great efforts in learning, strive for and achieve academic achievement
regarding sports, arts, social activities ... of the school year 2017 - 2018 at Gateway, the School would like to introduce the program
"GatewayTalent Scholarship".