Gisers hosted a seminar on Literature project report

Attending the year-end seminar of summarizing Literature – Vietnamese subject of Gateway International School students, parents were so impressed and surprised because they saw students confidently hosting the seminar and also because of their flexible debate ability.

During the past school year, Gisers have learned about various types of official administrative documents, vowel systems, drama, poetry, etc. Through the process of self-thinking, each  student choose a one problem that he/she is interested in to do the project. Gisers have self-studied and gathered information or even analyzed data to find a solution of the problem.

“When listening to the reports, I was very surprised at their creativity and effort to connect knowledge with themselves. The topics that they selected were very diverse and practical, there were some issues that adults haven’t paid much attention to such as the ways of naming streets, comparing Vietnamese proverbs to Korean ones. Some students even performed specific activities and that made their presentations so practical and simple. ” Mr. Tran The Thang, Gateway parent shared. 

Let’s have  a look at the unforgettable moments of the seminar. 

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