GIS HN: Học sinh tiêu biểu tháng 5

Nguyen Khanh Linh

Khanh Linh made great effort in learning and behaving with peers. She cared for her peers, shared with her peers and helped her peers. She was always polite and showed respect to teachers

Nguyen Gia Bach

Gia Bach has shown a huge improvement in all aspects over the course of the year. He is trying his best academically, he is respectful of the teachers and his friends. He is eager to learn and ask questions when he does not understand.

Do Nam Anh

Nam Anh had good learning performance over the course of the year. He is an earnest student. He is a mirror for other students. He always showed excellence in all aspects, learning and behaviours. He respected teachers and he was getting on well with peers. He was co-operative and helpful to peers. He is a boy of good heart so Nam Anh is loved and trusted by his peers.

Nham Vu Khanh

Vu Khanh always listens and completes the work. Khanh's writing is good, Khanh's works are neat. Khanh gets on well and helpful to everyone.

Pham Minh Quan

Minh Quan always follow instructions and listens to the teacher. He tries his best academically and is eager to learn even if he struggles to understand. He is always well behaved and kind to the other students and teachers.

Vo Nguyen Dang Nhan

Kapi is an enthusiastic learner who loves being a Gateway student! He participates in class, works well in a team, finishes his work, and has a great attitude. Kapi has made great improvements in beahvior in the last quarter in all his classes.

Ephraim Shamar Dakura

Has shown great progress since he first arrived, shows respect and responsibility.

Nguyen Phuc Minh Dang

Minh Dang showed a lot of progress in learning and behaviours with peers. Dang was always polite to teachers and responsible for the work that assigned to him

Tran Thanh Ngan

Thanh Ngan always tried her best to complete her work. She showed respected to teachers, cared for friends and was helpful to others. In class, she was concentrated and contributed to the lessons. Besides, Thanh Ngan followed school regulations.

Vuong Binh Minh

Binh Minh had great efforts in grade 2. Minh listened to teachers' feedbacks. Minh had effort in improving the behaviours

Cho In woo

In Woo is a leader in our classroom. He volunteers to help, keeps others on task, and is an example for all his peers. In Woo is reliable and positive. He’s grown so much this year and we are proud of him.

Do Tue San

Tue San cared for others' feelings. San seriously followed school regulations. San tried her best to complete her works

Kim Ji Beom

He listened, cared for and shared with others. He made great efforts over the past months. He followed school regulations and actively completed his assigned work

Pham Gia Minh

Gia Minh had great effort academically. He followed class instructions and got on well with peers

Lo Mai Phuong Chi

Phuong Chi has grown so much this year. She always follows the rules and sets such a great example for her peers. She has applied herself and has been working well in all her classes. It has been such a pleasure to teach her.

Nguyen Dinh Nguyen

Dinh Nguyen has shown consistency this month. He is very polite and always shows respect. He has improved a lot academically and is very engaged during oral activities. He listens attentively in clas

Nguyen Hoang Chi

Hoang Chi has good attitude in class. She actively does the work, willing to help. She listens, co-operate to be better.

Nguyen Manh Hung

Manh Hung had shown a lot of progress in his learning. He actively complete his assigned work
listened and co-opearted in the team work. Manh Hung followed class regulations, went to class on
time and kept the classroom clean.

Cao Minh Tri

Minh Tri had a lot of progress in learning and behaviour. He respected teachers and responsible for common work of the class, school

Dang Le Thanh Giang

Thanh Giang has done a great job finishing the year. Her detailed work on her various projects and her quality English cooking video demonstrated her effort. She has shown improving steps toward consistently getting along with classmates. I think if she continues she will have a really great year next year!

Luyen Hai Long

Hai Long had great effort in learning and behaviour. He completed the work in time, responsible for the class work. Especially, he listened to be better

Dang Nguyet Anh

She has changed positively towards learning attitude. She tried and actively complete her work in all subjects, participated in class activities; got relatively good results in the assesements.

Nguyen Viet Anh

Viet Anh has grown in his speaking and writing abilities tremendously! I’m proud of his hard work. He is respectful and polite towards adults and students.

Nguyen Huy Duc Minh

Duc Minh has tried his best to receive this award and I've seen his progress with all the homework that he has to do. He deserves this award.

Nguyen Huyen Anh

Huyen Anh sets an example for the class. She actively completed her work and got good results. She has good decipline and participates in team work

Nguyen Yen Trang

Yen Trang is nice, polite and helpful to everyone. She is loved and trusted by peers. She always tried to complete her assigned work.


Mrs. Lai Thi Hai Ly Mother of student: Nhu Hoang Thuc Quyen

Bella has insight talent, profound, not very brave, at first a little reserved and shy, but Bella has learned to express her inner world very well now. She is extremely confident, when meeting strangers she can chat, make friends to express her opinions, points of views.
I have made the right decision when sending my child to Gateway because Bella's English ability is very standard, she talks, listens and communicates in a natural way with foreigners, she even liked to speak English more than Vietnamese.

Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang Father of student: Nguyen Thanh Mai

The principal as well as the teachers of the school are very close to students. The evidence is that many times I see him welcoming students from the school gate, he shakes hand and hugs, sometimes they run to hug their teachers as friends for a long time no see, no distance or shy feelings in communication.
Teachers are the same like their friends and they feel the learning environment in which they’re really cared

Mrs. Tran Thi Thu Huong Mother of student: Nguyen Bao Chau

I send my child to Gateway because I want her to study in the international environment, as a stepping stone to study abroad, she will not be like a fish out of water and quickly adapt. I am quite satisfied with the subjects of the school, especially Literature - Vietnamese. When learning literature, children have chance to be expose to the project, writing essays and grouping together to study and make their own presentations. Besides, they also go for the picnic with outdoor activities, from the real activities they will better understand the content of the lessons in class and memorize so long. With self-learning, self-doing they will gradually absorb knowledge in a natural way. That is very different from other schools in which teachers read, students write and learn by heart at home, often children do not feel the work and can’t remember for long time

Mrs. Phi Thi Thu Huong Mother of students: To Hien Thanh & To NhAt Sas

The first time attended the workshop "Self-study" of grade 4 students, I feel really surprised and excited with the presentation for the products of students.
It’s just the report on literature but including a variety of presentations, scripts and arrangement, students even write their own poems and stories. They confidently present their and friends’ points of views by questioning very naturally, straightforward, even focuses in many aspects. The best part is probably the acting, because it requires teamwork, working together more, self-writing, rehearsing and preparing instruments