GIS HN: Học sinh tiêu biểu tháng 4/2019

Pham Hoang Ha

Hoang Ha always shows great attitude. He completes given tasks and is willing to help others. He works collaboratively and listens to feedbacks from others to develop himself.

Vu Nguyen Tue Minh

Tue Anh always tries her best. She is kind to her friends and is respectful of her teachers. She has been consistant through out the year.

Nguyen Phuong Linh

In this fourth term, Phuong Linh has made exceptional progress in both academic and discipline fields. She works well with her teachers and classmates. She proactively and enthusiastically takes part in class and school activities. She has learnt to control her emotion better and shows her willingness to help others in learning. She tries her best to improve herself.

Dam Kim My

Kim My has shown improvement in concentration during class. She does her best and now completes her work. She is generous and kind, and well-liked by all her peers. She regularly follows the rules and behaves like an exemplary Gateway student!

Nguyen Huu Gemini Illgen

Gemini is a proactive and generous student. He always completes given tasks with a positive attitude. He treats peers and teachers with respect and sincerity. He is very supportive to others. Gemini always tries his best to improve himself.

Lee Ha Yun

Ha Yun is an energetic student. She is fully engaged in lessons and kind to her friends. She follows school and class rules and shows her willingness to support others.

Nguyen Bao Chau

Bao Chau has improved a lot in his English and his attitude. He is a good example for his classmates, and often encourages them to do their best. I am very proud of him!

Nguyen Ngoc Lam Anh

Lam Anh has made many efforts in learning. She has improved significantly in both academic and discipline fields. She listens to constructive comments from teachers to develop herself.

Pham Hoang Chi

Hoang Chi adheres to school and class rules. She is kind and supportive to her teachers. She finds joy in learning.

Phan Bao Uyen

Bao Uyen is a kind and respectful student. She has demonstrated her understanding of obedience and sets an example for her classmates to follow. She is creative and has shown impressive progress in her academics.

Ho Phong Anh

Anh Phong always tries his best to complete given tasks. He has made significant progress in learning. It's great to see Anh Phong having great excitement in learning.

Kwon Rin

Rin is an encourager and motivator. She keeps our class running smoothly and loves to learn. She inspires other students to do their best with her work ethic. She's a joy to teach!

Nguyen Hung Son

Hung Son has made significant progress in April. He completes given tasks with care and respect. During classes, he attentively listens to his teachers and actively contributes ideas. He proactively gets involved in class work, including cleaning up tables and classrooms before going home.

Pham Chau Anh

Chau Anh followed well the school's decipline. Chau Anh enthusiaastically participated in the class, group activities. Chau Anh always tried to complete the work in the subjects with high quality. Chau Anh was the good mirror for other students and deserved to be the student of the month

Đang Huong Mai

Huong Mai has made significant progress in both academic and discipline fields. She enthusiastically takes part in class activities and completes given tasks. Huong Mai is a cheerful student who is willing to help her peers.

Doan Danh Thai

Danh Thai is always kind to his peers. He enjoys learning and is especially passionate about math. He is helpful and often offers his time to others when needed. It is a pleasure to teach him! Well done Danh Thai!

Le Duc Chi

Duc Chi showed much effort and progress in the subjects. He was nice, polite and follow the school's decipline well. He was willing to listen to teachers and peers' comments to become an overall student.

Pham Thanh Mai Chi

Chi Mai has shown a great improvement this month. She has been very active in the class and seeks to help out her peers. She sets a good example to her classmates. She shows respect to her teachers and classmates. She is very responsible.

Nguyen Linh Phuong

Linh Phuong showed much progress in learning as well as behaviour. Regarding learning, she actively completed the assigned tasks, enthusiastically supported other peers who hadn't understood the lesson. Regarding behaviour, she made considerable improvement in the relationship with her peers. She became more open and friendly.

Nguyen Nguyen Nhu

Nguyen Nhu consistently works hard, produces good work, respects the rules of the class and school. On top of that she has a great attitude and her peers see her as a positive leader. Thanks Nguyen Nhu!!!

Nguyen Thuc Anh

Thuc Anh showed much progress, she tried to be better at learning and behaviour. In the lessons, she always actively completed the assigned tasks and enthusiactically contributed to the lessons. Moreover, she followed well the school's decipline, showed respect to teachers, was open and friendly to peers.

Hoang Minh

Victor has shown steady progress and put in a lot of effort in his learning. He's shown immense growth from the beginning of the year.

Nguyen Minh Kha

Minh Kha had a good achivement in the swimming competition at the city level. He knew how to balance between sport practice and learning in class. Thus his learning result was very good. He tried everyday to better himself.

Na Jun Soo

Jun Soo was always hard working and gave great efforts in learning. Jun Soo had good results in many subjects in April. Jun Soo was positive and showed good respect to teachers and peers.

Nguyen Ngoc Mai

Mai has been very consistent with her grades and she has shown this since the beginning of school year. She is really a good student with a good heart for other people in the class. She is a responsible student, a role model to her peers, and has good study habits. She deserves this award!

Ton Ton Nhu

Ton Nhu showed great progress in learning. Nhu enthusiastically contributed during lessons and showed responsibility to the work assigned.

Nguyen Nguyen Ha

Ha treats peers and teachers with respect and has consistent or has shown improvement in behavior. Over the course of the last months she has grown as a person.


Mrs. Lai Thi Hai Ly Mother of student: Nhu Hoang Thuc Quyen

Bella has insight talent, profound, not very brave, at first a little reserved and shy, but Bella has learned to express her inner world very well now. She is extremely confident, when meeting strangers she can chat, make friends to express her opinions, points of views.
I have made the right decision when sending my child to Gateway because Bella's English ability is very standard, she talks, listens and communicates in a natural way with foreigners, she even liked to speak English more than Vietnamese.

Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang Father of student: Nguyen Thanh Mai

The principal as well as the teachers of the school are very close to students. The evidence is that many times I see him welcoming students from the school gate, he shakes hand and hugs, sometimes they run to hug their teachers as friends for a long time no see, no distance or shy feelings in communication.
Teachers are the same like their friends and they feel the learning environment in which they’re really cared

Mrs. Tran Thi Thu Huong Mother of student: Nguyen Bao Chau

I send my child to Gateway because I want her to study in the international environment, as a stepping stone to study abroad, she will not be like a fish out of water and quickly adapt. I am quite satisfied with the subjects of the school, especially Literature - Vietnamese. When learning literature, children have chance to be expose to the project, writing essays and grouping together to study and make their own presentations. Besides, they also go for the picnic with outdoor activities, from the real activities they will better understand the content of the lessons in class and memorize so long. With self-learning, self-doing they will gradually absorb knowledge in a natural way. That is very different from other schools in which teachers read, students write and learn by heart at home, often children do not feel the work and can’t remember for long time

Mrs. Phi Thi Thu Huong Mother of students: To Hien Thanh & To NhAt Sas

The first time attended the workshop "Self-study" of grade 4 students, I feel really surprised and excited with the presentation for the products of students.
It’s just the report on literature but including a variety of presentations, scripts and arrangement, students even write their own poems and stories. They confidently present their and friends’ points of views by questioning very naturally, straightforward, even focuses in many aspects. The best part is probably the acting, because it requires teamwork, working together more, self-writing, rehearsing and preparing instruments