Message from the Superintendent



Dear Parents and Students,

Our modern world is continually changing. The dramatic transformation of society prior to the 4.0 Industrial Revolution created a need for a shift in educational practice. With the present and future expansion of technology, students currently need educational training to include the ability to think creatively using higher order thinking skills, to be innovative, to be capable of working independently, and be able to make decisions.

With a comprehensive curriculum and advanced teaching methods, Gateway International School offers this generation of Vietnamese students a sustainable educational environment. It’s an environment that inspires creativity and nurtures a strong self-consciousness to help each individual maximize his /her potential.

Gateway students have the opportunity to be equipped with appropriate skills and useful tools to actively access the treasures found in academia. This also includes the best environment to learn cooperation and collaboration, working individually and together helps the process of shaping a student’s well-rounded abilities and personality. Another very important Gateway educational goal is to facilitate a student’s desire to pursue their higher education anywhere in the world and positively contribute to the future development of their country.

Excellence, integrity, respect, sharing, cooperation, and creativity are the values we strive to teach our students. The values are taught in order to ensure students become widely knowledgeable people who are able to appreciate and understand cultural diversity, and are proud to represent their country in the international arena.

Gateway’s educational system is growing day by day with great vision for the future, providing a balanced, safe and healthy learning environment. Come experience the joyful, passionate, and loving atmosphere that is being lived out amongst students, parents, teachers, and administrators who make up the Gateway community.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Gateway International School. We trust you will enjoy your experience in this very special place.


Don Williams




Gateway commits to offer the community an education environment that inspires creativity based on the foundation of personalized learning and nurtures the love of lifelong learning.This educational philosophy plays a key role in fostering children’s maximum potential in the aspects of Academics, Physical wellness, Arts and establishes a strong foundation to pursue higher education anywhere in the world.


GATEWAY is the leading international school system in Vietnam, bringing a world-class education to generations of students. We realize our vision through the following aspects:

  • Providing students with a high quality bilingual education.
  • Opening the door of integration with the international community.
  • Serving the community with enthusiasm and professionalism.
  • Participating and positively influencing on the world around us.

Core values


We believe that each student’s learning needs to be personalized, in which the pace of learning should be driven by each learner's abilities and interests.


We always encourage students to show the spirit “The leaves protect tattered ones”, sharing and helping others with the heart that are always toward community in difficult situations


We believe the spirit of cooperation and connectivity reflects trust, respect and commitment. It also connects students together and strenthens the spirit of community solidarity.


We value honesty in action by keeping promise, accept personal responsibility and being transparent in transmitting the message and commitment.


Teachers of GATEWAY are always selected based on a rigorous recruitment process in all pedagogical skills, soft skills as well as communicating and inspirational skills
Our diversified teachers and staffs with many years of experience working in international environments. They are well- trained, sensitive, flexible, adaptable to cultural interactions, passionate about education and devotedly contribute to students’ success.

Our success is the result of our teachers’ effort to fully devote to educational goal. We are confident of the school’s excellent teaching staff who can accomplish many goals.

International cooperation