Global Education – Strategic Orientation for Teaching and Learning at Gateway

Understanding the development of world education is one of the prerequisites for building the right route of learning  with the rightway and scientifically. Therefore, during the orientation week at the beginning of the school year, Gateway International School’s teachers joined together in interesting and useful professional training sessions, including the topic of Global Education.

With the lead of Academic Director Mr Hoang Anh Duc, the training took place with a very exciting and  enthusiastic atmosphere. Teamwork is one of the highlights of the workshop because not only the professionals but all the teachers are free to express their  points of view.

The content of the discussion is quite new and attractive such as the difference of old and present education, the role of the teacher; the goal of global sustainable development; Discuss Gateway’s overall development strategy.

Academic Director Hoang Anh Duc pointed out the development strategies of Gateway International School for the next seven years


Referring to the role of learning and learners, Master Hoang Anh Duc said: “We need to learn with our own heart – Learn in our heart. Therefore, I want to emphasize the role of learners who are not students. Because not only the children but also the teachers, the managers often have to learn.”

At Gateway, teachers and managers also need to build a lifelong learning route that recognizes the differences of colleagues to have common direction and goal for the development  process.

Teachers actively contribute ideas on teaching and learning

Along with the teamwork activities, teachers have discussed together to bring the philosophy of education in the next 7 years: “Education is the companion process of the school, students and families. Students play a central role. Teachers inspire and organize learning activities, help students improve their personality, have the ability to self-study, educate themselves all the time, anywhere.”

During the discussion, the teachers jointly announced their personal mission in the next seven years. Each teacher has his / her own statement but all agree to a common mission of becoming a global teacher, able to teach multilingual subjects, and bring Vietnamese education to the same level of other education in the world.

“In 2025, I will be a teacher at Gateway International School and willing to transfer work to any country. I am a global teacher, “she said.

“Personally, I affirm that by 2025, I will teach music in both English and Vietnamese. I declare that music will be a key subject of Gateway, reaching out to Southeast Asia, ” Mr Thanh, a music teacher said

The training is also an opportunity for teachers to share the next 7-year development strategy of Gateway International School.

From personal experience, teachers also offer solutions for educational activities to develop stronger

As an academic director, Master Hoang Anh Duc emphasized: “At Gateway, we place students in the center position and three elements around : the teacher, the learning environment, the management system.We are trying to make it possible after two-year all campuses to become fully self-controlled. Teaching can not be put on the shoulders of managers. ” Since then, the role of teachers has been at the forefront of education, forming  the personality of students at Gateway.

Sharing personal ideas together

The straightforward sharings  and exciting discussions at the training provided the right orientation for joint development strategies for teaching and learning activities throughout the  Gateway International School system before the new school year. At the same time, through teamwork activities, teachers will gain skills in organizing classes and developing effective teamwork skills for students.

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