The Radiant Gisers’ Faces Aglow With Delight At The Opening Ceremony

Autumn is not only special because of the sunshine, cool breeze, but because it marks the beginning of a new school year, the growth of students. Therefore, on the morning of September 5th, Gateway International School Hanoi held an opening ceremony of the new academic year 2018 – 2019, a new journey begins, seeking to attain the loftiest heights of knowledge!

    Gisers and their parents were all extremely surprised and happy to be welcomed by the teachers at the school gate

School logo badges are the first special gifts like the meaningful congratulations to students.

The school yard filled with bright colors of flags and flowers, students’ eager eyes and innocent smiles. These beautiful and pure images are the strongest source of motivation for the school to strive for a better career of cultivating people.

The academic year of 2018-2019 marks many new development of Gateway International Education System. The school has officially opened the new campus at Starlake Western West Lake Hanoi, deploying the project “Reaching the world level” for training teaching staff , launching the Institute for Research and Application of International Education Methods, RIEM … These changes promise to bring an effective and interesting school year to all Gisers.

In the new school year, Mr Jannie Le Rox, the representative, head of Gateway International School believes: “Gateway’s modern education program will equip students with preparation for the challenges in the process of growing up and provide them knowledge to face with those challenges ahead. Gateway’s vision and mission will be the guideline to our growth. We will do our best to develop together to realize our goals. “

Mr Jannie Le Roux, head of school, made a speech

Also during the opening ceremony, Gisers were very excited and surprised with the video of greeting the new school year of all teachers. This is the special gift to encourage them before the journey to seek to attain the loftiest heights of knowledge

The opening ceremony of more than 500 Gateway students took place in a solemn, cozy and joyful atmosphere. Gisers confidently showed performances on stage such as “Autumn to go to school”, “I love my school” etc… Gateway encourages students to develop their capacity as well as their hobbies to become the talented Gisers. Therefore, many of them have soon shown special talents in the fields of such as music, painting etc…

In the solemn atmosphere of the opening ceremony, students’ representative took the oath before the new school year. The image of a little Giser with the firm oath has left the special mark of the opening ceremony. It’s a solid promise, a strong affirmation of the efforts of students in the 2018-209 school year.

“In the new school year, I promise I’ll always try to study well, actively participate in cultural activities, sports, gymnastics. I also want to spend more time to exchange, have more  connection with people around. “, Nguyen Tue Minh, 6th grade student, Montreal class.

The confidence of children is the biggest gift for parents who attended the ceremony.”Today I’m very happy to take my child to school on the occasion of the new school year. The organization is well-prepared with the  solemn, cozy and warm atmosphere.The most impressive thing is the performances of the children, extremely interesting. The part of welcoming to 1st grade is also an unforgettable experience for children on their first day at school ” Mr La Xuan Thang, student’s parent shared.

The opening ceremony has come to and end but the sound of the school drum keeps echoing in the minds of the Gisers and teachers, who attended the ceremony. It is certain that these sounds will remain in the minds of the little young students as a reminder to always strive in the new school year.

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