Education Personalization

We all want our children to be successful not only in their studies but also in their lives in the future… Understanding that aspiration, Gateway has chosen EDUCATION PERSONALIZATION as a key solution for the development of educational activities over the years.

Students are the center of the class

Personalizing education is a big changing step in the pedagogical environment where students, not teachers, become the center of the classroom. The curriculum and learning environment are designed to help students explore and develop their full ability and hidden potential. We believe that learning needs to be personalized for each student, in which the route, content, and pace of learning should be based on the individual’s ability and interest.

Gateway School focuses on core values ​​in teaching methods that are student-centered in the process of communicating and gaining knowledge. In this method, the experiences and aspirations of the learners will determine the teaching and learning. This is a shift in teaching methods compared to the traditional education in the past.

Personal Development Program at Gateway

The Personal Development Program (PDP) includes complementary activities aimed at the overall education objectives of the school.

PDP is a combination of elements needed for students to develop in a comprehensive, global learning and working abilities, based on discipline, team spirit and personal excellence. Students and teachers work together to build a route for self development and materialize the plan through each semester.

The goal of education personalization is to help students maximize their abilities, equip them with life skills, as well as their social and cultural knowledge in the age of globalization. Most importantly, the educational personalization program is towards cultivating the soul as well as the aesthetics of life, the ability to adapt and respect the multicultural environment.

Within the framework of the PDP program, arts and culture activities, hobby clubs, exchanges, experiences, social responsibility, school counseling … are systematically designed throughout all grades, multicultural and multicomponent, based on the 5 concentric circle Concentration Principle of Japanese Education and the 12 life values ​​of UNESCO.

In addition to exploring Vietnamese and world culture activities, students are also trained to form skills to understand themselves and those around them. The students of the upper class became tutors of the students in the lower class, creating a warm and affectionate learning environment.

Develop brain power

Traditional learning methods provide learners with different knowledge contents and they try to memorize in their minds as much as possible. So, gradually, that knowledge will be forgotten. Whereas modern education focuses on equipping learners with thinking methods & skills, researching & creative methods, problem solving manners … to create brain power. Brain power will help students turn their thoughts and desires into action quickly and effectively.

Develop critical thinking

One of the highlights of personalized education personalization is that students will develop critical thinking through a variety of activities and subjects. Students have the ability to see problems in multiple dimensions, thereby increasing their ability to create, empathize and accept different thoughts and perspectives in life, finding personal opinions and not being immersed in quibbling during argument.

Students know how to express their points of views and defend their views with appropriate theoretical poits . In education in general, Critical Thinking is considered the foundation of lifelong learning.

Students will Be:.

  • The center of the class.
  • Exploited, developed full capacity and hidden potential.
  • Maximum interaction with teachers, friends.
  • Equipped skills, effective learning methods, searching and exploiting information. Become a lifelong learner.
  • Understood themselves and what they want, strengths and weaknesses, controlled personal feelings …
  • Creative and express themselves.
  • Comprehensive development. Not only learning about cultural knowledge, but also rich spiritual ,have physical health and will, ethical and social responsibility.
  • Achieve academic success.

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