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With a comprehensive curriculum and advanced teaching methods, Gateway International School offers young generation of Vietnamese students a sustainable educational environment. It’s an environment that inspires creativity. Gateway students have the opportunity to be equipped with appropriate skills and useful tools to actively access the treasures found in academia. This also includes the best environment to help the process of shaping a student’s well-rounded abilities and personality. Another very important Gateway educational goal is to facilitate a student’s desire to pursue their higher education anywhere in the world and positively contribute to the future development of their country.





School Life

Gateway International School would like to congratulate the representatives who have achieved good results of the month. It's proud to be honored for their excellent academic results as well as behavioral culture at school, to win the title of "Student of the Month"

Student of the month

Gateway’s club activities apply the theory of multiple intelligences of Howard Gardner, a psychologist, and the concept of learning by doing which aims to help students to relax, entertain, develop physical health, skills, souls and intelligence for each individual

Extracurricular activities

In order to ensure that students have the effective time for learning, Gateway has a clear division of schedule in the way that corresponds to each grade. Schedules are organized scientifically, balancedly among different subjects. Theoretical and practical lessons are interlaced with the suitable amount of learning time.

Typical schedule

The nutritional needs of School-Age children play a very important role in ensuring the comprehensive development of them. Therefore, balance in nutrition, ensuring meals with full of nutrients is both Gateway's OBJECTIVE and RESPONSIBILITY for students.

Daily menu


Mrs. Le Minh Hang Mother of student: Dang Nguyet Anh & Dang Lam Anh

I’ve known about Sakura Montessori International School with the very great managing staff, they can do whatever they want, so I certainly believe in the school. Based on what my children have experienced in this environment, for me until this moment is the right choice, no regrets at all.
My children have never got bored with going to school or showed any attitudes of against,every morning they enthusiastically go to school. I really believe in Gateway, I’ll send my second child to this school and actually I have one more little girl who are studying at Sakura Montessori, for sure she will become a student of Gateway in the near future.

Mrs. Lai Thi Hai Ly Mother of student: Nhu Hoang Thuc Quyen

Bella has insight talent, profound, not very brave, at first a little reserved and shy, but Bella has learned to express her inner world very well now. She is extremely confident, when meeting strangers she can chat, make friends to express her opinions, points of views.
I have made the right decision when sending my child to Gateway because Bella's English ability is very standard, she talks, listens and communicates in a natural way with foreigners, she even liked to speak English more than Vietnamese.

Mr. Nguyen Chien Thang Father of student: Nguyen Thanh Mai

The principal as well as the teachers of the school are very close to students. The evidence is that many times I see him welcoming students from the school gate, he shakes hand and hugs, sometimes they run to hug their teachers as friends for a long time no see, no distance or shy feelings in communication.
Teachers are the same like their friends and they feel the learning environment in which they’re really cared

Mrs. Tran Thi Thu Huong Mother of student: Nguyen Bao Chau

I send my child to Gateway because I want her to study in the international environment, as a stepping stone to study abroad, she will not be like a fish out of water and quickly adapt. I am quite satisfied with the subjects of the school, especially Literature - Vietnamese. When learning literature, children have chance to be expose to the project, writing essays and grouping together to study and make their own presentations. Besides, they also go for the picnic with outdoor activities, from the real activities they will better understand the content of the lessons in class and memorize so long. With self-learning, self-doing they will gradually absorb knowledge in a natural way. That is very different from other schools in which teachers read, students write and learn by heart at home, often children do not feel the work and can’t remember for long time

Mrs. Phi Thi Thu Huong Mother of students: To Hien Thanh & To NhAt Sas

The first time attended the workshop "Self-study" of grade 4 students, I feel really surprised and excited with the presentation for the products of students.
It’s just the report on literature but including a variety of presentations, scripts and arrangement, students even write their own poems and stories. They confidently present their and friends’ points of views by questioning very naturally, straightforward, even focuses in many aspects. The best part is probably the acting, because it requires teamwork, working together more, self-writing, rehearsing and preparing instruments

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