Comprehensive education program

STEAM Education

Multidimensional interaction among STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and Art spirit help students participate in active learning process, collaborate and solve complex problems to master skills, knowledge. They are also exposed to the methods of scientific research, self problem-raising and solving.This is a harmonious approaching method for children to learn about the natural world […]

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Gateway International School is one of very few schools in Vietnam that uses three languages in teaching:  Vietnamese, English & Japanese. INTERNATIONAL Program   Including subjects taught in English language that is scientifically designed to help students have access easily and quickly as well as deeply understand based on two aspects : (1) English as […]

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Art Development

Along with the development of academic program, Art development program is also a strategic focus in the kindergarten education program that GATEWAY is striving for. The art program at GATEWAY with the performing ways such as drama, choral singing, playing musical instruments, painting, etc in the subjects of Fine Arts, Music Theater, Literature, Visual Arts, […]

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Personal development Program (PDP)

The Personal Development Program (PDP) includes complementary activities aiming towards common education goals of the school. PDP is a combination of necessary elements that help students develop comprehensively, have ability to learn and work globally basing on discipline, team spirit and personal excellence. Students and teachers work together to build a route for self development […]

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